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When wood becomes parquet, the floor gets a name. Bembé Parkett – we have been training our own junior staff for over 240 years! We live team spirit, are flexible and work with passion for quality and success. Seize the opportunity now to lay the foundation for your professional career at Bembé Parkett.
In addition to our headquarters in Bad Mergentheim, we have 45 sales branches throughout Germany, from Hamburg to Cologne and Munich. We are currently giving over 100 trainees the opportunity to prepare for their professional careers in the best possible way. The trainee ratio is around 19.5 per cent – a proud figure that clearly shows that the topic enjoys a very high priority.

Are you still unsure?

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Making the right decision about what to do after graduation is not easy for many young people. Not for you either? Should I go back to school, start a degree programme or rather start one of the many apprenticeships – if so, which job should I choose? With a pre-study internship, we want to answer these questions for you and give you valuable insights into our working world. Our aim is to find out which position matches your interests and skills. In a fortnight (or longer if you prefer), you will get a taste of different areas of the company, get to know your friendly colleagues in advance and come one step closer to your apprenticeship with us.

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Human Resources Department
Tabea Wicker

0 79 31 – 966 201


Bembé Parkett GmbH & Co. KG
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