• The successful story of Bembé Parquet

    Long tradition, geared towards the future

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  • Planning

  • Laying

  • Refinishing

1. Tradition

Our company has been in existence since 1780 and has played a major role in shaping today’s parquet market.

2. Modern

Only those who know the history can shape the future. We know what customers like.

3. Experience

Every mistake has already happened to us. That’s why we can react immediately when special requirements are made.

4. Customer proximity

Our currently 45 studios in Germany ensure short distances and direct accessibility.

5. Handcraft

We usually install our own parquet flooring. 300 of our own skilled craftsmen are at work for our customers every day.

6. Education

The manufacture of our products is subject to our own strict rules in addition to the DIN and EU standards.

7. Quality

FSC®, Real Wood®: Sustainability is not a challenge for us, but a matter of course

8. Certification

The customer comes first – even when it comes to care or if there is a reason for complaint.

9. Service

The customer comes first – even when it comes to care or if there is a reason for complaint.

10. Care

We have developed our own care products, which you can easily obtain via our online shop or in our 45 Bembé studios.

11. Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work, even beyond the legal warranty and this for over 240 years now.

Bembé Parkett over time

Our company history dates back to the 18th century

  • 1780


    In 1780, Johann Benedikt Bembé founded a tapestry and decoration business in Mainz.
    Later, his son Martin expands the business and enters the furniture production.

  • 1840

    Parquet coloration

    In 1840, Bembé opens its own parquet flooring factory in Cologne-Ehrenfeld and hires a French parquet expert to train its craftsmen. The demand for parquet flooring increases, especially after the foundation of the German Empire in 1871.

  • 1878

    Location Bad Mergentheim

    In 1878, parquet production starts in Bad Mergentheim with the latest machines.
    In Neuschwanstein Castle and Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, in the Imperial German Embassy in Istanbul and in the villas of the Wilhelminian period, people put their trust in Bembé Parkett.

  • 1925

    Jucker & Co. KG

    In 1925, the Erfurt furniture manufacturers Ziegenhorn and Jucker buy the parquet factory in Bad Mergentheim. Thus the Jucker family determines the history of the company, which now trades under the name “Bembé-Parkettfabrik Jucker & Co. KG”.

  • 1945

    End 2. world war

    The company survived the Second World War in a battered condition, but with the economic upswing of the 1950s, Bembé quickly developed again into the leading parquet factory in Germany.

  • 2004

    Takeover Wirthwein

    The Wirthwein family of entrepreneurs from Creglingen takes over Peter Jucker’s shares. This creates the basis for the further development of the traditional company. At the same time, the continuing trend towards natural living and the conscious design of one’s own four walls provides further impetus.

  • 2016

    Healthy growth

    More than 1 million square meters of parquet are laid annually. This makes Bembé Parkett not only a manufacturer, but also Germany’s largest parquet installation company. A total of 45 Bembé studios are now maintained throughout Germany. The workforce grows to approx. 550 employees.

  • 2020

    240 years of Bembé

    Bembé is 240 years old – Bembé Parkett is also renewing its outdated website. With a new design and a new structure, user-friendliness and clarity are to be improved.


Your service at Bembé Parkett

From production and installation to parquet maintenance

Whether multilayer parquet, solid wood parquet or plank flooring, our aim remains the same: to meet your high expectations in terms of aesthetics, quality and cost-effectiveness. To achieve this, we take the utmost care from the selection of the wood to the installation. The Bembé seal on your floor is a sign of consistently high quality standards.

We produce a large proportion of our parquet ourselves, provide you with all our expertise from the outset and install your desired floor as required. We are also there for you when it comes to renovation work or maintenance of your parquet floor. With our complete package, we want to save you time, effort and potential trouble later on in your construction project. What’s more, we make many a “DIY store bargain” look old, where you have to add the price of installation in your head.