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What makes parquet so sustainable?

Solid parquet in particular has the edge here!

Solid parquet is a sustainable floor covering as it is made from natural resources such as wood. In contrast, PVC, laminate and other synthetic floor coverings are made from petroleum products, which has a negative impact on the environment. Unlike solid parquet, floor coverings such as laminate do not have a positive effect on the indoor climate. Parquet absorbs moisture when humidity is high and releases it again when dry. Unlike vinyl flooring or laminate, solid parquet and high-quality multi-layer parquet can be sanded down several times instead of having to be completely replaced. However, it is important that the parquet is produced from sustainably managed forests and in accordance with environmental standards.

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Ecological awareness
Social aspects
Economic responsibility

Our mission:

Responsibility towards employees and the environment

For us, acting sustainably not only means growing with a sense of proportion, but also taking social and ecological aspects into account. We use resources sparingly and take our responsibility towards our employees, the environment and society seriously.

As a traditional company, we have been committed to Germany and generations of employees since 1780. Social and charitable commitment and ties to the region are a matter of course.

Our many years of experience and in-house training are part of our corporate philosophy and guarantee the Bembé brand quality.

FSC® – Bembé is certified

Responsibility towards our forest resources

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an independent, globally active organization founded in 1993 that stands for sustainable forest management. The FSC® label is based on ten principles and 56 indicators and enables consumers to actively contribute to sustainable forest use. Products with the FSC® label therefore stand for the use of forests in accordance with social, economic and ecological needs and for the responsible use of recycled materials – for the benefit of present and future generations.

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RealWood Logo

The Real Wood certificate

A seal as a guarantee for real wood

If you are looking for real wood flooring – be it solid or multi-layer parquet, look out for the “Real Wood” symbol.
There is a particular risk of confusion between real wood and laminate flooring with a wood decor. The latter are not made of real wood and therefore cannot be sanded down and renovated.
To make it easier to identify original products, only solid and multilayer real wood floors bear the “Real Wood” logo. This guarantees the authenticity of the product and assures you that you have chosen the right product.
The disposal of wood also consumes significantly less energy than floor coverings such as laminate or vinyl.

Creditreform creditworthiness certificate: CrefoZert

Excellent credit rating and impeccable business conduct

“Before being awarded the certificate, companies are examined in detail by Creditreform for their economic organization, the existence of financial securities and the sustainability of performance in the material area.

This means that Bembé is now one of just under two percent of German companies that have the opportunity to obtain this certificate! The credit rating seal is valid for one year from the date of issue, whereby the required company quality is also monitored during this period on the basis of current financial data.

The major advantage is the great increase in security that customers receive from certified companies with continuously monitored creditworthiness.”

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