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    How to clean and maintain your flooring properly


Cleaning with Bembé Parkett floor cleaners

Maintenance cleaning or ongoing cleaning

Before we start caring for a floor, it must first be cleaned, i.e. dirt must be removed. Remove dust and dirt with a mop, broom or hoover.
Then add 50 to 100 ml of Bembé Neutral Cleaner to 10 litres of mopping water and wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Do not use the mop water afterwards.

Basic cleaning with our basic cleaner

If the floor is to be cleaned intensively or care is to be changed from the previous care products to the environmentally friendly Bembé care series, a basic cleaning must be carried out first. This also removes old layers of care products. Basic cleaning should primarily be carried out when changing products or if the surface is heavily soiled.

Depending on the degree of soiling, add 1 to 2.5 litres of Bembé Basic Cleaner S90 to 10 litres of mopping water and apply to the floor. Allow to act briefly (max. 2-3 min.). Remove loosened dirt with a mop and carefully wipe with clear water twice with a damp cloth.
For textured, brushed or chamfered surfaces, be sure to use a suitable microfibre cloth.

The floor has now been cleaned and you should give it back the necessary protective layer with the appropriate care product.

Care tips – after cleaning comes care

Initial care / maintenance

  • Newly surface-treated parquet floors may only be carefully walked on the next day. After 8 to 14 days, initial care should be carried out before the first heavy traffic. This increases the durability of the floor. In the case of surface-finished parquet, initial care can be carried out the day after installation.

    The following products have been specially developed for initial care:

    oiled parquet = Bembé NatureWax , Bembé Wischöl/Natural
    sealed parquet = Bembé Bembal
    Laminate = Bembé Laminate Wipe Care
    Design floor coverings, stone, PVC, Lino = Bembé WischFix

Maintenance and ongoing care

The following products have been specially developed for the ongoing care of floors:

oiled parquet = Bembé Fresh; Bembé Wood Soap eco
sealed parquet = Bembé Care; Bembé Bembal
Laminate = Bembé laminate wipe care
Design floor coverings, stone, PVC, Lino = Bembé WischFix

We recommend basic cleaning of the floor once a year to remove old care layers and stubborn dirt.