Strip parquet – Our classic solid parquet

Solid parquet 16/22 mm

For centuries, floors have been covered with single wooden sticks. The stick is thus symbolic of parquet flooring. Bembé stave parquet is solid and about 16 or 22 mm thick.

Due to its high load-bearing capacity Bembé strip parquet is suitable for private homes as well as for commercial use and public buildings.

This beautiful floor can be sanded down several times without any problems thanks to its massive thickness and is therefore a parquet with an extremely long life span.

Wood species and grades

The colour reproduction only approximates reality and may therefore differ from the photos shown. We would be pleased to show you original samples and advise you without obligation in our studios.

Information and special features

  • high load-bearing capacity

  • can easily be sanded several times

  • unlimited possibilities of interior design through different surface treatments and wood types

  • suitable for use on underfloor heating


Irregular dressing

Regular dressing

Fish bone

Braiding pattern diagonal