Yukon Solid Wood Plank

The Real floor

Yukon Solid Wood Planks offer the special attraction of a natural product and a special type of wood. No other product expresses as much craftmanship, originality and individuality. Classic and modern – a piece of individuality and expressiveness for every room.

Bembé´s solid wood flooring gives your room a natural, warm atmosphere. They are also easy to clean, robust and hygienic. Nature provides us the raw material and we produce an exclusive product. Thanks to the thickness of 14 or 20 mm, the Yukon can be sanded and sealed several times without any problems. This makes sure that the durability lasts over decades!

Thickness: 14 & 20 mm
Width: 125/140/160 mm
Length: 500 to 2900 mm



Available types of wood
Technical Details

Here you can download all these information in a pdf document: