The Resilient

Whether shop fl oor or reception area, Stabilo with its various species of wood provides the perfect setting for any interior. Why shouldn’t a fl oor that resists the toughest wear also be good-looking? Stabilo by Bembé is the perfect example of a hardwearing yet beautiful floor. A vertical fi nger parquet fl oor that lives up to its name: used day in and day out, it delivers the utmost in wear and aesthetics in businesses, shops, public buildings, industrial settings or private homes.An unpretentious ladder stucture. Vertical Finger Parquet Stabilo.

Thickness: 10/16/23 mm
Width: 8 mm
Length: 160 mm



Available types of wood
Technical Details


Here you can download all these information in a pdf document:
Bembé Wood Floor – Stabilo, 10/16/23 mm solid