Stabilette broad lamella parquet

Solid parquet, 18 mm
Bembé Stabilette made of wide slats – an attractive structured floor for architecturally interesting and stable interior design. Straight lines underline functional classic and calm lively playful furnishings and styles.

Robust, easy-care and timelessly beautiful: Whether commercial or private, Stabilette parquet from Bembé makes every floor an experience.

Stabilette is laid at right angles to the wall by stringing together the laying elements. The slats thus run in the same direction throughout the room. This solid parquet is firmly glued to the floor by our parquet layers.

Thickness: 18 mm
Width: 23 mm
Length: 160 mm


Stabilette is available in the following optics:

Eiche Hell Eiche Markant Räuchereiche


hakenRobust, easy to clean and timeless

Mistakes and alterations reserved. The colour reproduction shows excemples.
Please let us show you original wood patterns.

Technical Details


Here you can download all these information in a pdf document:
Bembé Wood Floor – Stabilo, 18 mm solid