Mosaic- and Master Parquet

The impressive and pragmatic floor.

This parquet is a solid parquet floor and can be used over floor heatings without any problems. Theparquet has a low swelling and shrinking behavior. The Master- and Mosaic Parquet is fully adhered to the floor by our parquet specialists. Afterwards the surface is being treated: oiled, waxed and satin lacquered.

Master- and Mosaic Parquet has an installation height of 8mm. For this reason, it can be grinded without any problems after 10-15 years. This procedure can be repeated several times and guarantees a great floor – for a lifetime.

The combination is decisive for the character: our attractive designs are combinations of different lamella forms and different types of wood. Every design gives the room an individual atmosphere.

Thickness: 8 mm
Width: 22.8 mm
Length: 160 mm


Mosaic & master parquet is available in the following finishes:

Mistakes and alterations reserved. The colour reproduction shows excemples.
Please let us show you original wood patterns.

hakenhook can be sanded down several times without any problems

Technical Details


Here you can download all these information in a pdf document:
Bembé Wood Floor – Master ParquetBembé Wood Floor – Mosaic Parquet