Edelholz Solid Wood Plank

The Original floor

Generosity at its best – the solid wood flooring Edelholz creates a convincing atmosphere with its plank length of 2.90 m. Thanks to its numerous different surfaces, this solid plank offers a wide range of possibilities, reaching from classic an elegant to impressive and rustic.

Edelholz is the “Bembé manufacture”, which means that we can customize this plank. This makes the product and your floor unique. We also offer the matching stair angles and steps in oak, matching the design of the surface.

Thickness: 14 & 20 mm
Width: 125/140/160/180/200 mm
Length: 500 to 2900 mm


Edelholz planks are available in the following optics:

Mistakes and alterations reserved. The colour reproduction shows excemples.
Please let us show you original wood patterns.

Technical Details


Here you can download all these information in a pdf document:

Download informations about “Edelholz”