Calais 3 Strip Plank

The classical floor.

Ship plank elements are optically similar to the classic strip flooring when installed. At the same time they combine all advantages of multilayer planks. This multilayer plank is also suitable for do-it-yourself-installation due to its adhesive-free connection system and the possibility of a floating installation. Due to the possible floating installation, this plank can also be installed on difficult underfloors and it is also suitable for old buildings.

Quick installation thanks to the TopConnect connection system. By the way: the parquet can bre removed as quickly as it is installed.

Thickness: 13.5 mm
Width: 180 mm
Length: 2200 mm


Calais 3 Strip Planks are available in the following optics:

Mistakes and alterations reserved. The colour reproduction shows excemples.
Please let us show you original wood patterns.

Technical Details

Here you can download all these information in a pdf document:
Bembé Wood Floor – 3 Strip Plank Calais, 13.5 mm