Solid wood flooring Yukon

Solid parquet 14/20 mm

The solid wood plank Yukon made of solid wood offers the special charm of the natural product and a special wood species. No other product radiates so much craftsmanship, originality and individuality.

Solid plank floors from Bembé give your rooms a natural, warm atmosphere and are also easy to clean, robust and hygienic. Nature provides the raw material and we manufacture an exclusive product.

Thanks to the thickness of 14 or 20 mm the Yukon solid wood flooring can be easily reworked and sanded several times. So you will have a high-quality, beautiful wooden floor for decades!

Wood species and grades

The color reproduction is only approximate and may vary from the photos shown. We would be pleased to show you original samples and advise you without obligation in our studios.

Information and special features

  • Glued or screwed over the entire surface
  • Can easily be sanded several times

Irregular brick