Specials for Architects
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Specials for Architects

What’s new on bembe.de?

Since January Bembé Parkett has been given a new shine. Our homepage has been completely remodeled with many great features and innovations for architects, constructors and parquet-fans.

What’s new on bembe.de?

Online-Store: faster, nicer, better. Our new Bembé Online-Store is online: new product pictures, better product presentations and an easier way to make an order. Here you have access to all care products including all information, quantity scaling and much more. Visit our Bembé-Shop.


With our RoomDesigner you have the possibility to try out our Bembé flooring virtually in different room settings. All products were scanned with a complex technique which makes it possible for the RoomDesigner to give you a great preview for your future floor. Choose between livingroom, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. As soon as you select a product it is automatically installed. Decide on an angle the floor should be adjusted to as well as the pattern and compare all floors from our range of products. Visit our Bembé RoomDesigner.

Bembé FotoService:

Plan your own home with the parquet floor best suited for you. The innovative Bembé FotoService gives you the chance to use the RooomDesigner with not just pre-designed rooms but also our Bembé products within your own home. Here you can find our Bembé FotosService.

It’s that simple:
1) Create an account with FotoService. ( This will guarantee you exclusive access to your own room)
2) Upload a picture of your room.
3) After a maximum of 24hours you will find your room in the selection of rooms.

Pages of references: get an overview about our work in all kinds of fields of construction.

Specials for architects, planners and constructors:

  • Tender documents for all Bembé Products.

  • Technical information for all Bembé Products.

  • CAD & Foto-Service: install original Bembé Flooring in your customer’s room with Foto-Service. This will enable you to advise your clients competent and fast with the individual room photos.

Import the floor of your choice in your CAD – or 3D model program:

  1. Insert the area size. A model of your chosen type of installing will be created for you.

  2. Chose a 3D- Data format, click “Download”. Now you will receive a ZIP-file with the 3D-model and several planks and tiles.

  3. Unpack the ZIP-file and import the 3D-Model in your programme.

Here you can find the CAD Service.