Bembé as an employer

Join the largest parquet laying company in Germany and become part of the Bembé family

About us:

Our experience – your success

More than 1 million square metres of flooring laid with over 10,000 satisfied customers annually.
This is made possible by more than 550 employees in 45 modern parquet studios – spread all over Germany – with their dynamic, customer-oriented and competent appearance and work.

Whether multi-layer parquet, solid wood parquet, inlay parquet, plank flooring, design flooring or laminate, our standards always remain the same: professional advice and individual service in sales, coupled with competent support on the construction site, top quality products and outstanding expertise in laying. In short: Bembé-Parkett a contemporary, nationwide full service provider in the field of parquet, but still as personal as a family run local craftsman’s business – inspired by more than “240 years” of experience.

No Discrimination

We are pleased about every application

Due to the more than 240 years of history of Bembé Parkett GmbH & Co. KG a special social and cultural responsibility results from the cooperation with employees and business partners of different origin, religion, skin colour and ideology. Consequently, we cultivate a relationship with foreign cultures which is characterised by respect and dignity and reject any form of discrimination.

In addition, we guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation or disability. The recruitment, development and remuneration of our employees are based solely on their skills and qualifications.

Each of our employees is obliged to refrain from any form of discrimination in order to enable a collaborative working environment characterised by respect and partnership, both within the organisation and when dealing with business partners.

Working time

In order to meet our social responsibility towards our employees, our working time regulations comply with national legal requirements.


In addition to job security, fair remuneration of our employees is a top priority. The remuneration we provide for the work we do is at least in line with national statutory standards and regulations.

Our principle is: With a certain amount of commitment and willingness, anything is possible with us!