Bembé Philosophy

Quality signed and sealed. From production to the finished, laid flooring.

Whether multilayered parquet, solid parquet or plank flooring, our aim is always to satisfy your high expectations in terms of aesthetic design, quality and economic efficiency. And so we take the greatest of care throughout the whole process, from selecting the timbers through to the laying techniques. The Bembé hallmark on your flooring is a sign of constant top quality.

But in addition to the production process, the laying technique is also an art in its own right. Which is why this important last step in the proceedings is always reserved exclusively for our own qualified Bembé craftsmen. This helps you save time and effort, and also avoids any possible bother later on. What’s more, you’ll find some of those bargain offers in the DIY store no longer look so attractive once you add on the price for laying the flooring as well.